The September music line up is long.  Come in and enjoy music, drinks and dinner.
Most of these performers have websites with more information.  Just click on their picture to open their site.

Music start times are between 7:00 & 8:00
For exact time just give us a call.

Hands holding guitar neck
Friday September 1st
A new month begins!  Kids are back in school.  He he he he... Time to step out and enjoy a new musical experience
Blue Cheese is coming to Chefusion.  Please come in and give a very warm welcome.  Then enjoy something blue.
Identity Blues logo with a very urban looking aspect Saturday September 2nd
Speaking of Blues...
Identity Blues is here to continue the vibe.  September's opening weekend is a good start.
A nice picture of Dana sitting with his guitar.

Friday September 8th
Put yourseslf in the hands of Dana Erlandson. Relax, the good time is a given.
Saturday September 9th
Please welcome them back. MaR Duo  will take you again into their hall of mirrors and show you reflections of classic jazz.  You will hear some surprising elements.
  Friday September 15th
Look who's back!  Distilled Spirits is coming to entice your soul with some fresh, contemporary jazz.  Slide in and get the groove going deep.

Saturday September 16th
They are back and they are Close Enough For Jazz.
Come in and relax with their artful sound.

Friday September 22nd
Please do welcome
Soulager  back to the stage. They want to take you for a joy ride on their Gypsy caravan.
Picture of three dapper men Saturday September 23rd
 Smooth can mean many things.  With the
John Kelley Trio it becomes a special feeling in the soul.

Friday September 29th
There may be a slight chill in the evening air but The Lounge
always heats up when
Chris Salerno is in the spotlight.
It's a Brazilian thing.

Saturday September 30th
They are completely new to Chefusion. Everson Starcheck.
  is coming to create a happening.  You may not know what that is but you are going to want it to happen over and over.