A scary new year is here!  Come in and enjoy a familiar good time.
Many of these performers have websites with more information.  Just click on their picture to open their site.

Music start times are between 7:00 & 8:00
For exact time just give us a call.

Friday January 5th
Where will 2018 take us?  Who cares.  Close Enough For Jazz
will be on stage And they are right on the mark for a good time.
Identity Blues logo with a very urban looking aspect Saturday January 6th
It is cold and dark.
Identity Blues likes this environment.
They can lead you into the dark and cold.  There you will
discover what it really means to be alive.

Friday January 12th
Everything is frozen.  You are lucky if your car starts. Come in and warm up with
Mickey Grasso. He has what you need to thaw your soul.

Saturday January 13th
Winter is in one universe. The
John Kelley Trio  is in another universe.
It is a very pleasant and relaxing one... Warm and safe. 
Come in and discover pleasure to infinity.
Friday January 19th
It is January in Green Bay.  We are equipped to deal with it.
Sometimes we need a little help. 
Song in Your Head is here to
Just take the edge off.

A nice picture of Dana sitting with his guitar.

Saturday January 20th
Is it just me or are the days getting longer?
Dana Erlandson is on stage to keep us from thinking about the
things that could otherwise drive us crazy.
Friday January 26th
We are in the depths of Winter.  In the cold and dark we find
Soulager. Winter just got a whole lot better.

Saturday January 27th
It is the last Saturday Night of January 2018.
Distilled Spirits is on stage to make sure it smokes.