August music lineup is here!  Come in, relax and let us put you at ease.
Many of these performers have websites with more information.  Just click on their picture to open their site.

Music start times are between 7:00 & 8:00
For exact time just give us a call.

Identity Blues logo with a very urban looking aspect Friday August 3rd
The drums of August are set to rumble.
Identity Blues
leads the way into the dog days of Summer.  Join us for a cool time.
picture of musicians

Saturday August 4th
Please do come in and enjoy
Good For The Soul.
They craft their art with care and it is your route to an extremely good time.

Friday August 10th
The Lounge is delighted to welcome
Soulager back to the stage. Please come
and be mesmerized by their Gypsy fire
Saturday August 11th
Speaking of the drums of August, come in and wrap yourself in the music of
Spike & April.
When you are in the hands of this duo, you are assured a safe arrival to a good mood.
Friday August 17th
On a soft, warm evening in the middle of August,
Distilled Spirits is the right place to relax.  Join us.

Saturday August 18th
Please welcome
Antonio Salerno. as he makes his debut on our stage.  Come in and discover what he has to offer.  I think we will like him because he is already booked again on September 1st.

Friday August 24th
The Lounge is happy to welcome the
Sam Stranz Trio back to the stage. Come in and enjoy a night of adventure in the universe of real jazz.

Saturday August 25th
The Fusion Lounge is excited to welcome
Close Enoigh For Jazz to our stage. These guys can turn the jazz universe inside out.
A nice picture of Dana sitting with his guitar. Friday August 31st
He is here!  Dana Erlandson on stage.  You know everything is going to be okay.
Saturday July 28th
We know you'll like him so here is
Antonio Salerno again.

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