March music lineup is here!  Several new acts and a special performance on Thursday the 29th.
Many of these performers have websites with more information.  Just click on their picture to open their site.

Music start times are between 7:00 & 8:00
For exact time just give us a call.

Friday March 2nd
Chefusion is delighted to prestent
Tarl Knight. His talent will draw you to the edge and you will realize that is exactly where you want to be.
Identity Blues logo with a very urban looking aspect Saturday March 3rd
It is said that pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin.  When
Identity Blues flips that coin it always comes up pleasure.
Come in and help the band celebrate ten years together.

Friday March 9th
Start the Weekend with a good time. 
Mickey Grasso will take you there.  When you get there, take some of it with you and spread it around.

Saturday March 10th
The calm vortex of sublime energy is more complicated that the human mind can comprehend.  With the
John Kelley Trio  on stage it does not matter.  Just experience and relax.  Your soul will understand.

Friday March 16th
You may not know where you are until you get there.  One thing is for sure,  Close Enough For Jazz is where it's at.

Saturday March 17th
Jazz is to music what art is to reality.  That may or may not make any sense.  Just come in and listen to
Seven Funk
spread it on real thick.
Friday March 16th
Yesterday was once tomorrow.  When you stand still the universe takes on a new perspective.  Soulager can bring it all into crystal focus.

A nice picture of Dana sitting with his guitar.
Saturday March 24th
More often than not a good time seems to happen spontaneously and with little effort.  However a good time is still dependent upon the right mix.
Dana Erlandson is part of the right mix tonight.  You are the other part.

Thursday March 29th
Please do join us for an early start to the weekend as we present
Seth Doud on our humble but well used stage.  Seth is providing us with a special treat.  Come in and see what he is all about.

Friday March 30th
Chefusion is pleased to welcome  Antonio & Sabra to our stage.  Please come in and give them a warm welcome as they wrap us in ribbons of hot jazz.
Saturday March 31st
We finish a spectacular month of music with
Distilled Spirits. They are familiar with our stage and they are familiar with you.  They are proof that jazz is friendly.