July music lineup is here!  Come in, relax and cool down.
Many of these performers have websites with more information.  Just click on their picture to open their site.

Music start times are between 7:00 & 8:00
For exact time just give us a call.

Identity Blues logo with a very urban looking aspect
Friday July 5th
There has been quite a bit of rain and storms of late.  Identity Blues can put that energy into perspective and serve up in a new reality.
Saturday July 6th
It is getting warm outside.  A good time to loosen your clothing  a little.  This is Good For The Soul.  Sometimes the body and soul need to breathe together.

Friday July 12th


Saturday July 13th
A nice picture of Dana sitting with his guitar.
Friday July 19th
Shake the dust of yet another work week.  Dana Erlandson  Is here to ensure that you have a good time and to start the weekend with a good mood.

day July 20th

The corn is getting high and so are our spirits.  Rosalie Morgan  Is on stage to take you even higher.  Enjoy the journey.
Friday July 26th
Please do welcome,  Meet the Seavers  It is said that this amazing duo does not really fit into any genre.  Perfect.  That is what Chefusion is all about.  Please come in and be "out".
Saturday July 27th
To close July, 
Haley Grace is on stage to get things cooking and keep it moving.

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